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Lime Academy Forest Approach is a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) school based in the London Borough of Havering. Our pupils range from Year Reception – Sixth Form. We ensure that our pupils are given the right care and support, focused on their specific additional needs. Support can be either in the classroom, working individually, or in groups outside the classroom.  We work closely with children and their families as well as with other professionals such as therapists and health visitors to ensure that our pupils thrive and succeed at school. We develop our pupil’s abilities both academically and socially so that they have the building blocks to succeed broadly in their future. We help pupils to become more confident and to try new things, modeling that we as adults also continue to learn new things. At Forest Approach we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum offering opportunities to learn at a level that is appropriate to everyone with activities that are accessible to all.







Please be advised of the following information with regard to CCTV at the academy. Images are being monitored and recorded for the purpose of crime-prevention, the prevention of anti-social behaviour and bullying, for the safety of our staff and students, and for the protection of the Lime Academy Forest Approach

For further details on our CCTV Policy please contact the academy office on 01708 343649

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