Lime Academy Forest Approach introduced Parentmail in September 2016.  Parentmail is a service paid for by the schools to help them communicate and collect payments from parents.  Parents are not charged to use Parentmail.

It will enable you to make instant payments and keep track of balances for dinner money online from your PC or tablet, any time of day or night.  There is even a Smartphone App for those who prefer.  There will be no need for cash or cheques.  Lime Academy Forest Approach doesn't accept cash payments for lunches.

How school dinner's will work

  • Parents pre-pay into their accounts online.
  • Pupils take a meal
  • The cost of the meal is deducted from each parent's account.
  • Parents are reminded to top up, when their account balance is low.


It will also allow for electronic communication from the school with such things like newsletters and general communications as well as other important information.

For more information visit their website at


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