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It’s inevitable that with children spending more time at home, there has been a surge in online gaming, video-on-demand (VoD) streaming services, video and audio conferencing, real-time messaging, screen-sharing,  trying and keeping in touch with our friends and family via various apps. 

Our students more than ever need support now in how safely use online media and apps.

National Online Safety - Parents' login instructions 

National Online Safety Poster - Download your free online safety App

National Online Safety Guide

Please see below the links to online safety advice: 

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Cyber Bullying

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Keeping Children Motivated for Online Learning

Remote learning - 6 tips to engage and motivate your child


Build a Bridge

Whenever you decide your child’s screen time should come to an end, take a moment to sit down next to your child. Sit with them while they play their game. This doesn’t have to be long, half a minute is enough. Just share their experience, then ask them a question about it i.e.  ‘What are you watching’? ‘What level are you on now’? Or ‘Who are the characters’? Once your child starts answering your questions or tells you something they have seen or done on the screen, it means that they are coming out of the ‘cut off’ zone where they are aware of your existence. Therefore, the bridge has been built and you can start to communicate. You can choose to start discussing with your child that it’s time to eat, do their homework or simply that screen time is now over, your child will then be in a space where they can listen and react to your requests. 

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