School Uniform

Our school uniform shows that pupils belong to our school community and should be worn with pride. School Uniform is a requirement for all of our pupils. The school expects all parents who accept a place at the Lime Trust to comply with the school uniform standards.


To provide a consistent approach to our school uniform which reflects the school’s ethos of high standards and promotes good behaviour and equality. All items can be brought in clothes departments of larger supermarkets or department stores, e.g. Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Marks, and Spencer. By choosing generic trousers, skirts, and polo shirts we have ensured a reasonable price for all items.


That pupils dress with the school’s identity and high standards in mind
To ensure a smart and practical uniform, which is affordable.
That our uniform reflects our standards, ensuring respect and safety
That the uniform enables all pupils to be identified as a part of the Lime Academy Forest Approach and treated equally.

Support for uniform

The school will always source the best value-for-money options for our families, ensuring durability and quality. If any parent finds that they are having financial difficulties they are welcome to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss the matter.

This policy has been written in line with the Department for Education’s guidelines on a uniform.

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