Speech and Language Therapy at Lime Academy Forest Approach

The Speech and Language therapy team at Lime Academy Forest Approach consists of two Speech and Language therapists (SALT). The team is employed by the London Borough of Havering and come into the school once a week.

What do we do?

Students who attend Lime Academy Forest Approach who require speech and language therapy input will receive a communication assessment. Based on these assessments, recommendations are being made to develop communication skills. The speech and language therapist will set outcomes and communication targets in conjunction with their class teachers. It is important that communication intervention is embedded in every day activities by education staff.

The speech and language therapy input may include:

  • Small group work
  • Whole class group work
  • Target setting
  • Providing resources
  • Modeling and training teaching staff
  • Writing reports /Education and Health Care Plans

Who do we work with?

The SALT will work closely with class teachers, Music therapists, OTs, and teaching staff within the school to discuss communication levels, provide recommendations, strategies, and resources to develop communication.

There is also a close liaison between the medical team, physiotherapists, and other professionals.

There are opportunities for the speech and language therapist and parents to meet at the school’s learning review days, such as Parents' Evenings which take place twice a year.

Total Communication

At Lime Academy Forest Approach a Total Communication approach is used. This means that all methods of communication are encouraged, including;

  • Words and vocalisation
  • Makaton and BSL signing
  • Photographs and symbols
  • Objects of reference
  • Communication books /AAC devices

Specific approaches may be used when appropriate, such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Intensive Interaction, Sensory Integration, Attention Autism, TEACCH, Language for Thinking, and Colourful Semantics. Appropriate training is provided to staff to ensure carryover of these techniques into the classroom setting on a daily basis.

Eating and Drinking Difficulties (Dysphagia)

Specialist SALTs provide a service to students who experience difficulties with eating, drinking, or swallowing. A referral can be made by parents, school staff, and other professionals. On the acceptance of a referral, a Specialist SALT will arrange to visit the school and will assess and make recommendations according to the needs of the individual child. Other professionals may also be involved as required, including doctors, dieticians, and physiotherapists.

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